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TLE 2014: Hope & Power

TLE 2013: Watch Always. Stand Always. Love Always.

Hope for the future &
power for the present

The theme for TLE 2014 was based on Philippians 3:10a: "that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…" The resurrection is the foundation for our "hope for the future" and our "power for the present." Believers can experience this hope and power every day. We have access to the power that helps us become overcomers in a life of struggles, trials, and temptations.

Resurrection power is power of a transforming nature. With salvation, the future (eternal life) is taken care of, yet the believer is still living in a world that is against God. Hope gives the believer a finish to look forward to and the encouragement of Christ's presence while journeying through life toward that finish line. The resurrection or Day 3 of 33 AD in the life of Jesus is the center of the Christian life.

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